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About the film

While the film is inspired by the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire disaster, the lessons it contains in the film apply to any natural disaster around the world. Michael Mankowski’s screenplay is based on actual audio captured from families in the Wood Buffalo community. Through a series of animal interviews, we hear the first-hand accounts of those who first escaped the fire, were then forced out of their homes for more than a month, and finally had to adjust and re-acclimate to life when returning to a very different looking home. By juxtaposing these very humanistic, emotionally-weighty stories with the light-heartedness of an animated animal world, The Beast creates a compelling and cathartic experience for the audience.

We want the inspiring message behind The Beast to reach as broad of an audience as possible,creating dialogue between survivors on the impact of a disaster event, and their own journey with the healing process. By including widely recognized actors in this production, we will bring our message of resiliency to people around the world. Those who have not experienced a wildfire will also benefit, gaining a better understanding of the emotional effects of his human experience.

Acres Destroyed
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Residents were Displaced
Estimate Damage
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